KC from Tupelo is Elvis impersonator, sent paranoid tweet to Radley Balko in 2011

This sounds like the Kevin Curtis arrested for mailing ricin:

Hunka burnin' love:
Why hire Tribute to the Stars with Kevin Curtis?

Master of Impressions, KC pays tribute to 70 of the biggest names in music history!

Performing a musical Extravaganza, KC walks his audience through 5 decades of hits from legends like:
Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Prince, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol & Many More!

KC's 3 octave vocal range, authentic costumes & props make "Tribute to the Stars" a MUST SEE!

KC is a 7 time World Finalist in "Images of the King" contest in Memphis, Tn. & Guiness World Record recipient for creating the 1st brother Duo Tribute to Elvis Act in 2002. You've seen the rest, Now book the Best!

And this tweet:

I wouldn't be surprised if the ricin thing turns out to be a mistaken lab test, and this guy was just sending ordinary conspiracy theory letters to Obama and Senator Wicker. How stupid would you have to be to sign your Elvis impersonator stage name to letters containing ricin?

UPDATE: In late 2011, Curtis tweeted a link to his 2005 corruption conspiracy petition.
STOP Corruption & Cover-up's within our Justic...

Published May 18, 2005
I have been researching vaious cases & legal documents in Mississippi since 1999 & have discovered links between elected officials, business owners & large corperations all over the state of Mississippi. These sources appear to be working together to cover up various illegal practices with our states justice system.

To view legal documentation of such cover-ups and conspiracies...click on the "BIO" icon & it will take you directly to the homepage "Looking 4 Justice in MS".

My goal is to obtain 10,000 signatures from people all over the United States of American who are fed up with corruption, cover-up's & gross injustice in our legal system.

Although Mississippi & Louisiana were recognized last year in consumer reports magazine as being the leading states in corruption, this is a "world" problem that is taking place in various countries of our world, not just in Mississippi.

So, if you care about the future of this nation and would like a fair and safe world for our children and their children to grow up in, show your support by signing this online petition and then sending it to all your friends and family to sign. Thank you in advance & may God bless you!

Kevin Curtis

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