California is CUTTING TAXES!!!

Yippee, finally someone gets it. Finally someone understands that we can't raise taxes so much that it kills spending. Here is the report from the SF Chronicle:

The plan eliminates the current 18-cent-a-gallon excise tax on gasoline as well as the sales tax on gasoline, funds that are typically set aside for transportation projects. Instead, the state's sales tax for all other goods would be raised by half cent, bringing in more revenue for the general fund.

The state would establish a new gas fee - 39 cents a gallon - to pay for transportation projects that previously had been paid for by taxes on gasoline.

The legislative source said all of the proposals would require a simple majority vote because the proponents believe "when you reduce tax in one area, you can raise tax in another area" without requiring two-thirds majority by the Legislature.

WAIT A SEC!?!? They are eliminating a tax but creating a new FEE!??!? Oh but they are reducing taxes so it is working. I'm much happier now. When is American Idol on again? I can't wait.

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