Not our new Pet Rock President (elect)? Not him. Impossible

From this Chicagoan....I'll include more detail when I edit this post later, but our IL governor Blago, arrested on federal corruption charges, cut his political teeth as a staff member in Ed Vrdolyak's office. Ed V was convicted on Federal corruption charges. So it seems Blago learned from the one of the best.

But...3 of the chief political strategists who worked on Blago's first campaign to become Governor, back in 2002, were Obama himself, Rahm Emanuel, and Emil Jones (Obama calls him his political mentor). Then, in 2005, Blago was already under federal investigation. Everyone in the state knew it b/c the Chicago Tribune put it in front page headlines. All the state politicians already knew how Blago did business. "Pay for Play".

And yet, in 2006, as Blago was under federal investigation, Obama AGAIN worked for Blago's re-election campaign, giving stump speeches for him, etc.... why would a squeaky clean uber-man like Obama ever support a known-to-be corrupt politician? Further, why would he actively work FOR that man?

One of the things Blago's in trouble for doing is trying to get his wife a higher paying job by means of Blago's connections and bribery. That's the way it's done here in Chicago and elsewhere, I'm sure. So am I allowed to even ask how Obama's wife got her $300,000 job as Vice President of "Community Affairs" at the University of Chicago? A job she only got AFTER Obama was elected Senator, where he'd have the power to dole out precious earmarks?

Tony Rezko's currently in Federal Jail for facilitating for Blago the VERY same kinds of deals Blago has now been caught doing (Keep in mind the FBI only began taping blago 8 weeks ago! imagine what he might have been up to in the 6 years before that). Rezko was also a BIG financial supporter of Obama's and worked with him on many issues and events and deals.

Am I to believe that in his work for Blago, Rezko committed MASSIVE corruption, but in his work for Obama he was some kind of PURIST? Does Rezko have a split personality disorder?

I'm just asking. Vrdolyak-to-Blago-To-Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Emil Jones...it's not hard to follow. You'd think maybe the AP might have at least looked into all this sometime before November 4th. You know, maybe just assigned an intern to it or something...No? Oh, maybe that's unreasonable of me.

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