A Mercer Update

We have provided reports from our favorite urban dwelling in a suburban setting here, here, and here.

The gist of the story is that in Walnut Creek, California you were given the opportunity to pay San Francisco prices but live 26 miles from San Francisco. It was a deal that couldn't possibly fail.

Well unfortunately the combination of a recession and a population of individuals with IQs above 60 have doomed the sales angle of this project.

But have no fear, the Mercer is back, as previously reported, with RENTAL opportunities!

So we thought - what's a nice place going for and what's the real sitch?? We sent some operatives in to have a look. The result: well first off the Mercer has only, ONLY 45 units left to rent! The agents also reported that they were actually excellent apartments, but not worth the $3000/month for a 2 bedroom asking price.

So if you are looking for the San Francisco experience, minus San Francisco, look no further than Mercer Homes. The price and cramped space of an SF apartment without all the interesting culture of SF. And with ONLY 45 units left, you must act now!

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