Ain't that America - Tracy, CA


It's tough to pull out a few lines but here are 2 choice ones from Gentil Sena, a fleet salesman at Tracy Chevrolet:

"People love GM cars," he said Monday. "They're like driving a tank. You get security, strength. None of this aluminum stuff."

"People don't look at Chevys for hybrids," he said. "They want something big and muscular. Personally, I wouldn't drive a hybrid if it was the last car on Earth. To save fuel, I'd push my El Camino before I'd drive a hybrid."

So the go to question for Cleetus here is "so if people really loved GM cars then why does GM have to be bailed out and owned by the government?" Of course by the time I get to the word 'bailed' he becomes more focused on chewing his cud and thinking about summer time in Michigan than payin' attention to this yankee.

UPDATE: Jr Deputy Accountant has suggested an excellent related link: GOVEЯИMENT MOTORS - THE MAЯX OF EXCELLENCE

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