Ivory Tower of Insanity

Keynesian clown Joseph Stiglitz is calling for more stimulus because when the situation is this dire, DAMN IT MAN, YOU MUST DO MORE!!

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz said the U.S. economy faces an “anemic recovery” and the government will need to enact another round of “better designed” stimulus measures.

Now the slower, more dimwitted readers, that would never read this blog anyway, might not remember all the guarantees of success with each previous stimulus effort. They might not remember the Washington DC ruling class announcing the disaster has been avoided. They might not even remember Obama's horrifying unemployment number had the last stimulus effort not been passed, which we exceeded with the stimulus package passing anyway.

Those who have avoided MSM lobotimization remember all that and what they know is that Nobel Prize Economists are charlatans claiming to be professionals. They are professional intellectual masturbators who are made out to be all knowing gods but in reality are just Wizards of Oz.

The economy is very difficult to manage, but it is not, as CNBC propogando-whores repeat, a Perfect Storm. It is not an uncontrollable natural phenomenon that we could not possibly hope to control, yet we need to mortgage the future of the country to try to control.

No the current economic malaise was caused by humans. It was caused by arrogant ivory tower professors like Stiglitz and Bernanke. It was caused by the Wall Street purchased government we now have in office. It was caused by the gradual abandonment of the Constitution as the law of the land. And it was ultimately caused by the idiot Democrat and Republican voters who think the ones they elected are infallible and should never be scrutinized, and it is always the other party's fault.

So we leave it to these pseudo intellectuals like Stiglitz and Krugman to propose absurdity. They propose actions that have never been witnessed successful in history but because their models are perfect, this time it's gonna work! And when what they propose fails, they claim well, we just need to do it again just better, as if they are great geniuses and somehow do know what they are talking about, and most people buy it.

Imagine a Nobel Prize winning doctor prescribing one method to treat a severe condition and it kills the patient. Then he doubles the method and it kills the next patient. Then he does the same thing just with a “better designed” treatment and kills the next and the next and so on and so forth, failing in every single attempt. Imagine the doctor never saved one patient while others without media coverage screamed that what he was doing was exactly the wrong thing. Would we idolize that doctor? Then why are we presented these people with their 100% track record of failure?

These economists are failures and frauds. They have proven they don't know what they are talking about. They use their own failure as that proof that they know what they are talking about and insist we need to double the effort that failed the first time. They are delusional people and they should be treated accordingly, with pity, and maybe straight jackets, but they certainly should never be listened to again.

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Anonymous said...

Epic rant. When I was in school the hid behind the "first principles" defense, as if their own first principles should stand even if they are wrong.

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