No really this is how it happened in Russia

Mish posted sickening commentary on a couple of initiatives in Congress that further erode the Constitution, our liberties and the idea of states rights here. Sic Ibid commented on it with this terrifying continuation on Mish's theme:
...The SEIU, to which Obama has "pledged his life's work", occupies the same "position" in this pre-"change" "system" as did the Soviets (Unions of workers) before the 1917 Revolution when those unions basically took control of the gvt. This bill looks like a mini "Card Check" bill. And they're sneaking it in. 6 GOPers going along with it makes one wonder how likely would it be that it would ever be repealed if the GOP were to take control. Answer: it won't. Result: There is no more Federation of sovereign states. There is only the Fed gvt. The Fed Gvt can now control how local political entities spend their own money, how they hire/fire public workers, and thus, what their budgets are, and thus, what their tax policies will need to be to support the unionized public employees.

This bill gives Unions more than a "seat at the table". It gives them a type of power that actually means they will be (and are already) involved in running the gvt itself (by dictating spending requirements even if the local people don't want to spend). Unions running the gvt is not A) Constitutional nor B) American. But it is C) Soviet. It's just disguised here by socialist libs so that no one can intellectually link it to the structure of gvt the Soviets had. Unions having lots of power in the private sector is one thing. When they have lots of power in the public sector, the system is then, almost by definition, closer to the system used by the Soviets.
~ SI

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