The Government Is So Unfair

What do you MEAN the government won't buy formula for the baby I made?! That is SO wrong. I'm boycotting the government, you scumbags.

Or I guess you can force us to accept free WIC food and health care.

God it is so unfair.

[via We Are the 99 Percent]


Anonymous said...

People need to stop having kids, and old folks with dementia need to be euthanized. Seriously, the world human population needs to be cut by two-thirds at this point.

Rich said...

It's funny...no one forced you to have a baby...now that you have, you see how expensive they are and you blame the government... typical!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the answer is but all the tough guys around here would do what?..let the baby die over formula?...

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Anon @ 12:32p,

Surely the college professor wife can figure out what God gave her breasts for and feed her own damn baby.

Is that heartless? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Can't feed em? Don't breed em.

Wanna bet those assholes have cable TV and high-speed internet?

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

EXACTLY, Anon @ 1:16p!

True story, I posted a rant about Occupy Wall Street on my Facebook page. A friend in San Francisco launched into me, saying she has been unemployed forever and doesn't know where her next meal is coming from.

Her last five foursquare check-ins were from 1) various bars, 2) the gym and 3) Whole Foods. Well shit! I have two jobs and I can't even afford to shop at Whole Foods, much less a gym membership. Plus, uh, if you can't eat, how is it you can afford either Internet or a smartphone data plan to be on Facebook?

These people have no clue. NONE.

Anonymous said...

Some commentators are quick to judge others without full knowledge of the particular case.

Moquery and insults does nothing but show what kind of people they are and does nothing - on the contrary - to enhance the reputation of this blog.

Anonymous said...

"Her last five foursquare check-ins were from 1) various bars, 2) the gym and 3) Whole Foods"

Goodbye trendy bars with exotic drinks... hello Stag suitcases from Dirt Cheap to be consumed at home (preferably not alone... in the dark)

Goodbye fashionable gymware.... hello baggy shorts and a "Property of Buffalo Bills" gray work out t-shirt and jogging out of doors and breathing in the fresh air.

Goodbye uber pricey Whole Foods... (have never understood the attraction people have for overpaying for groceries)... hello super savings on groceries at Aldi

And, for myself - can someone explain to me what the fuck foursquare is? Some kind of assclown GPS you put on yourself to report your position n God's green earth at every moment of the day??? Who would want to do that?

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