We are the 53%

A great response to the "We are the 99%" crowd is We are the 53%. That's 53% as in the percentage of Americans who pay taxes while the other 47% contributes nothing (yes, it's safe to assume that 99% of the 99% are in the 47%).

Read through the people's life stories. It's amazing how so many start out just like the 99%-ers. But then they diverge: the 53%-ers went to work while the 99%-ers went whining for a handout.

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Independent Accountant said...

Buffett is full of crap. If he feels guilty, he can make a voluntary contribution to the US Treasury. Really. In all my years as a CPA, I have never had a client fo it, but there is such a provision.



President who usurped Congressional spending authority to issue an executive order handing out hundreds of billions of dollars right before ...