The Balkanization of America must continue, even in times of crisis

I was listening to Communist Radio on Friday. Lakshmi Singh was interviewing Betty Hearn Morrow, a "disaster sociologist," about the hurricane recovery process.

Morrow said that shelters should be segregated because people feel more comfortable around others from their own ethnic and cultural backgrounds:

One of the things that will help, I think, is if as much as possible, they can be located with people they know, or at least people from their own ethnic or cultural group, even within the shelters. It gives comfort to be around people like yourself. So I’m hoping that there will be some thought of that as people are placed even within the shelters, that they have something that seems familiar to them to the extent possible.

I can imagine: "Well, losing my house and not knowing whether my family is safe is pretty tough. But having to sit next to a black person in the shelter!!! It was just too traumatic!"

Yes, there are racists in 21st century America. And they are overwhelmingly on the left.

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