Network news...it's as dumb as you've heard

Some gems from last night's NBC Nightly News:

Brian Williams, opening the news: "This storm, it is clear, will change life in this country."
Yes, we've surely never encountered natural disaster before. Let's make every story 9/11.

Reporter Martin Savidge, prefacing a press conference clip: "The filthy water shifts constantly, creating a hot zone for diseases."
Michael Leavitt, HHS: "We are greatly concerned about cholera, typhoid...diseases that could come as a result of the stagnant water and conditions."
Hey Martin, do you notice an incongruity between "stagnant" and "constantly shifting"?

Brian Williams, on volunteer efforts: "So nice to see the best of humanity revealed in the worst of times."
Hmm...Never mind the previous story about gang fights in the Superdome and looters taking up arms.

Joe Everyman, pumping gas: "You gotta pay the price, whatever it is. Life goes on."
Why does every story about travel delays, gas prices, or supply shortages end with a pacifying quote like this? Like the media's whole job is to keep our heads cool. Just once I'd like to see a story close with, "I can't take it. I'm gonna shoot somebody."

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