Howard Dean's spam machine

I just got an e-mail from Howard Dean asking me to use a tool on the DNC's web site to send mass e-mails to local and national newspapers telling them what I think of John Roberts.

I took him up on the offer, and used his site to e-mail all of my local papers, plus some of the big national papers:


Howard Dean is e-mailing thousands of people and asking them to use this automatic letter generator to spam newspapers with angry leftist rants in vain against John Roberts.

John Roberts may be more conservative than some people would like, but when I think of the difference between John Roberts and Howard Dean, I like Roberts more and more. He is a kind, honest, and brilliant man, in stark contrast to Howard Dean, a raving lunatic.

I would, however, like to thank Dr. Dean for the use of his spam machine to generate this message.


W.C. Varones

The site is here. Try it! It's fun!

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