Subway perv not sorry

From the New York Daily News, on Dan Hoyt, the subway pervert caught by cameraphone:

With a smirk on his face and a sneer in his voice, accused subway pervert Dan Hoyt shrugged off the sex charges against him as he left a Manhattan courthouse yesterday.

"It's a misdemeanor," the Manhattan restaurateur arrogantly told a Daily News reporter after being arraigned on four counts of public lewdness.


Hoyt smiled and yawned through the brief hearing, and sported a self-satisfied look as he left the courthouse - but became camera-shy when he spotted photographers.

The maximum sentence is three months. However, other women have come forward claiming that Hoyt did the same thing to them. Let's hope that each incident is prosecuted and that he serves time for each incident consecutively.

And I still wouldn't eat at his "raw food" restaurant, Quintessence.

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Anonymous said...

I was originally a Vietnamese man and I know most Vietnamese women are courageous and intelligent, like Thao Nguyen. They are basically kind, tender and caring by nature, but when they are harrassed or maltreated, they will turn into real lionesses. Vietnamese women in Vietnam may still be very tender, but those with Euro-American education, a well-educated lady like Thao Nguyen (I read she is an IT engineer), will behave in the same way. They are beautiful bees and men should be careful of their stings. I hope such men like Dan Hoyt will remember the sting!

Eaglekiss, a Viet Man in Tokyo

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