Apparent massive Bakersfield mortgage fraud

I posted before on the demise of Bakersfield real estate hot-shot David Crisp.

More details are beginning to emerge, and it looks like massive, wide-ranging mortgage fraud:
Californian research has uncovered a pattern of property turnover among Crisp & Cole associates, steep price increases and 100 percent financing by subprime lenders in many of the properties now defaulting.

For example, a southwest property on Via Bonita Drive initially sold for $342,000 in October 2005. Five months later, after some deed shuffling with a business associate of Crisp & Cole, a Crisp family member bought the home with 100 percent financing for $549,000. The new price showed an increase of $207,000, or more than 60 percent, in less than six months.

It was too easy, and too obvious. Crooked buyers + crooked appraisers + stupid and greedy lenders = real estate orgy. Well, the Viagra's run out and the screwed lenders are crying foul.

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