Unwanted fame is a burden for Islamic Rage Boy

A while back, we linked The Nose on Your Face in the sidebar at the right. It's consistently funny.

One of their recurring characters, Islamic Rage Boy, is based on a real Islamic rage boy, who's not too happy about it:
With his clenched fists, wild eyes and gnashing teeth he has become the face of Muslim fury, protesting against the enemies of Islam.

Shakeel Ahmad Bhat has been on the frontline of political activism in Srinagar, India, for more than a decade. His constant presence, captured by photographers and beamed across the world, has caught the imagination of rightwing bloggers who have dubbed him Islamic Rage Boy and turned him into an internet phenomenon.

Typing his nickname into a search engine yields more than 75,000 results. He has inspired a cartoon character and merchandise.

A representative sample of Islamic Rage Boy photoshops is here.

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