In a New York minute

"If you had anything on the ball, you could make it happen in Vegas," said real estate agent Donna Marie Gold, 62, who built a $4.5 million fortune buying and selling properties over six years.

After failing to complete a single sale last year, Gold said she fell $22,000 short each month on payments needed to maintain 14 properties. Now two to four months behind on some mortgage payments, she's lost access to a $250,000 Wells Fargo & Co. equity credit line.

"The whole thing was upside down in a New York minute," Gold said. "There needs to be some forgiveness in this climate with regards to credit and rebuilding one's credit."

Gee, I can't imagine why nobody will extend her a quarter-million dollar loan.

UPDATE: I think I've found the problem. Donna is trying to rent a 2-bedroom condo for $5100 when there are 2-bedroom condos in the same building for $1200 and $1950 on craigslist. And look at the eloquent prose with which she describes her Palmilla rental:
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