Kool aid anyone?

The National Bloomberg, inquiring minds want to know, today stated that prices rose less then forecast. To which some bobble head stated:

"``It does look like you're starting to get some real improvement here,'' said Michael Feroli, an economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York. ``It's good news for the Fed.''"

First off apparently other parts of the country must be experiencing spiraling price deflation because here in CA, my corner gas station just hit 4 dol..sorry $3.99 9/10ths.

Secondly, lets put this in terms of a professional football analogy - say The University of Florida football team is winning 58-0 starting the fourth quarter against lowly Central Southwest Florida State Everglades campus. If CSFSE scores a field goal in the dying seconds of the 4th, does that mean 'you're starting to get some real improvement here?'

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I talk a lot about inflation. But today was the first time in my life I actually used a dollar bill as toilet paper.