Greenspan's Body Count: Snatched from the Jaws of Death

Nice try, Alan Greenspan. But thanks to a compassionate talk radio host and some lazy Maine DEA agents sitting around listening to the radio, "Carol" won't be joining Greenspan's Body Count.
The caller, who identified herself as 54-year-old “Carol,” told Carr during yesterday’s show that she moved to Jonesport, Maine, three years ago, bought a $59,000 house and had been trying to get a job, without success.

In a stunning on-air admission, “Carol” revealed that she swallowed 100 pills in a suicide attempt last February when she was about to lose her home. Her daughter from Montana showed up “out the blue” and “saved my life,” according to an audiotape of the show.

Ever since, her two daughters have been paying her mortgage and other bills. “And now, they’re so strapped out from helping me that I am right back where I was last February and seriously contemplating suicide,” said “Carol.”

“Don’t kill yourself, Carol,” Carr said. “It’s always a bad mistake to kill yourself, Carol. I’m serious about that. Your family never recovers from a suicide.”

“Carol” became emotional during the 3 minute call, saying she was “burdening” her family.

Carr talked with her a bit longer before moving on to other callers. But his listeners wanted to stay on the subject, with several trying to pursuade Carol not to take her life.

Carr told listeners that he’s made jokes about it in the past but that his grandfather killed himself in 1931 during the Depression. “The family basically never recovered,” Carr said.

It turned out an agent with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency was listening to Carr’s show, and police were quickly dispatched to Carol’s home.

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