Homes for Good Party Members Only

So it begins: the yes-we-can-implement-communism president is going to reward all those who were irresponsible by paying their mortgages for them.

Under the evolving plan, homes would undergo a standardized reappraisal and homeowners would face a uniform eligibility test, sources said.

Bank regulators have used 38 percent of gross income as a benchmark for one mortgage relief program. If a homeowner is spending more than that amount on housing, they may qualify for a streamlined loan program, but the Obama administration may choose a lower percentage as a trigger for relief in any new plan.

If you can afford to pay for your mortgage, sorry you are out of luck. And if you rent because you can't afford a house in the first place, fuck you.

This makes absolutely no sense. You get government help because you purchased a home that you cannot afford. What is wrong with those people renting anyway? Just because you signed up for a mortgage doesn't give you the right to a home.

History has shown that communism does not work. You cannot reward incompetence and hope for a competent economy. I guess Obama didn't take that course at Harvard.

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