Take the Burden of investment decisions from us, please.

What? Citizens be "free to invest anywhere they want"? God Forbid! No! Only Government can be trusted to invest our money for us. If I thought anyone in Washington DC had any brains, I would imagine that whoever spoke after John Kerry performed this little dictatorship-of-the-proletariat rant might have simply retorted as follows:

"Hey Johnny boy, how'd it work out when the people trusted the government with their Social Security money"?

Notice the confidence he has when he tells us that "The government, yes, the government has the ability to make a decision the private sector won't make today". Uh, I think that's exactly the problem, John! He's not the only powerful politician out there saying, as our Dear Leader said the other night, "Only the government" can fix this. As long as Dear Leader was educating us ignoramuses, he should have mentioned that Only Superman can fly for real.

[****Even scarier is Kerry in this longer clip****** from about the 1:00 mark to about 2:40. What do you think people's reactions to this line of thinking would be if they had seen this clip on, hmm, say, the nightly news maybe? Isn't expressing frustration that tax cuts often help people to pay down credit card debt as worthy of mass-ridicule as saying "go shopping to help the economy" was after 9/11? He literally asks "what good does it do us" when people pay down credit cards!]

I could go on, but let's all face it. This video clearly demonstrates the kind of thinking that will dominate our Federal Government for the next few years at least. Thank God I have someone other than a broker to tell me where to invest now. I never knew if I could trust him.

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