Gold gold gold

I'd be remiss not to point out that gold hit yet another record high today over $1280, after rocketing $20 Tuesday and edging higher the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, the game of Global Competitive Devaluation continues.

Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Oh, and how's that "sell gold" call working out for you, Richard Wiggins?


Shane Atwell said...

gold is good

Huntington Hartford said...

Gold was great at the beginning of the decade when the budgets were balanced Had you bought then you'd be a real contrarian investor and would be very happy right now.

When you buy stuff that's out-of-favor you are usually rewarded.

When you buy stuff that has been making new highs, year after year, you are usually not rewarded.

It sure does feel good, though, to own some gold. It feels great!

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