Tea Partiers against Christine O'Donnell

UPDATE: Retraction! Defeat Castle!

I noted Thursday that it would be a huge mistake to support a Tea Party candidate over popular RINO Senate candidate Mike Castle in blue state Delaware.

I said at the time that I knew nothing of Christine O'Donnell. Now that I know something about Christine O'Donnell, it's much worse than I thought. It turns out O'Donnell, unlike Yale-educated lawyer, former judge, and decorated combat veteran Joe Miller, has done nothing of note in her life other than be a Republican party insider and talking head. But a thin resume is the least of her problems. She's a serial deadbeat and a paranoid nutjob.

I understand the frustration of Delaware primary voters with Mike Castle's establishment voting record. But Christine O'Donnell ain't the answer.


Polemical said...

I'm certaintly glad someone out of state recognizes the big mistake 'Tea Partiers' are making with endorsing this crack-pot.

She really is a serial liar and has been living off the exagerrated hopes of being a national politician since her first run at the senate in 2006.

It's important that the national GOP / Tea Party don't back someone until they at least vette them.

Lisa Graas said...

Don't know what your problem is. She's pro-life and that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right...
Conservative Score McCain 84 - Castle 52
NRA Castle a huge 'F'
Global warming - He's a Gore clone
Speaking of Clone - he's for human cloning experiments
Missile shield - against that
Border Security - Nope
The list is huge!


Christine who is:
Pro-Constitution - Pro-National Defense - Pro-Life - Pro-Family - Pro-Second Amendment - Pro-States Rights - Pro-Border Security - Pro-Free Market - Pro-Freedom - Anti-High Taxes - Anti-Big Government - Anti-ObamaCare.

Pretty simple choice to me!

Unknown said...

"She's a serial deadbeat and a paranoid nutjob."

That tells me much more about YOU than Christine...

Did the source of that information also tell you about Area 51 and the inside job on the Twin Towers...


Anonymous said...

Lisa Graas said...

Don't know what your problem is. She's pro-life and that's good enough for me.

That's because you are a fool Lisa.

Christine O'Donnell is a serial liar, and a born loser.

Maybe that's why you feel a bond with her

Anonymous said...

Yeh...it isn't really complicated. You can vote for a conservative. You can vote for a liberal. If any of you conservatives out there truly want to vote for this (http://removerinos.com/CastleM.html ), then you can happily consider yourself part of the problem. Period. BTW, we all need to be on the lookout for liberals posing as conservatives when they make this kind of post. I'm not saying that's what we have. But it sure would explain a lot.

W.C. Varones said...


The sources, linked, are the Wall Street Journal, the Wilmington News Journal, and WDEL. Are you calling those organizations UFO nuts and 9/11 Truthers?

Anon 12:15,

I know Castle is horrible. But he's the best we can hope for from Delaware. O'Donnell has zero chance of winning the general election.

And as for conservative credentials, I'm an OT - Original Teabagger.

Unknown said...

Wow, the Delaware GOP must really be desperate. If O'Donnell is as harmless as they suggest, Castle should beat her handily. But they have to dump on her about her personal finances and a bad radio interview, because they've got nothing to offer. All that O'Donnell needs to do to gain my support is push the button for NO Disclosure, No Cap-and-Trade, and YES repeal Obamacare. I could care less if she's a "nutjob". If she is, then she will be in good company in D.C.

VASweetTea said...

I have known Christine for 18 years and the only ones lying here are Mike Castle and Tom Ross (State GOP Chair). Go to her website, Christine2010.com and check out the part that says "Christine Counterpunches". There is the record you need to see about the truth in all this. She has pulled to within 2 points of Castle and he's scared to death - hence the vicious and slanderous attacks. She is decent, honest and authentically conservative. He will support Obamacare, will vote for Cap & Trade, authored the Disclose Act, has a D rating from the National Taxpayers Union and has never had to really work for a living. She is exactly what Delaware and America need!

Unknown said...

I love that O'Donnell is called a "serial liar". Why does congress have such a low opinion in the minds of Americans? Largely because most of them are dishonest as a way of life. Furthermore, anybody who calls himself Republican and then consistently votes like a leftist, really is a serial liar. Oh, wait! That's RINO Mike Castle.

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: What a tasty can of worms you opened up! Given the fact that 2 of my most favorite conservative men -- you and Gov. Chris Christie -- see it this way leads me to weigh seriously the qualities of O'Donnell. The rabid responses to your post by her supporters indicates to me the merit of your assessment.


B-Daddy said...

WC, I am with you on this one. Picking one's battles is important, see Sun Tzu.

Shane Atwell said...

rather her lose than Castle win.

add to the list above that Castle supports DISCLOSE, i.e. suppression of free speech.

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: Like Shane, I wanted to note that is seems Castle co-authored the DISCLOSE Act -- a contemptible example of trying to limit Tea Party free speech:


The more I find out about Castle, especially via Tammy Bruce and other more persuasive and rational O'Donnell supporters, the more I am persuaded that O'Donnell is getting the "she's crazy" treatment from establishment elites. The main arguments against her seem to stem from the fact she doesn't have a vast bank account -- a fact, I think, is a plus in this environment.

Whenever the establishment GOP goes after a Tea Party candidate who is a woman, they generally go with the "she's crazy" or "she's a sex-pot" arguments. If O'Donnell manages to prevail in the primary, I will send some money to her campaign so that she can become the Scott Brown (but better) of Delaware.

W.C. Varones said...


Yeah, Castle is a disaster but I think O'Donnell is completely unelectable in that state.

Better a liberal voting for Majority Leader McConnell (yuck!) than a liberal voting for Majority Leader Reid (double yuck!).

If I thought O'Donnell was remotely electable, I'd completely support her.

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: After thinking about it some more, I must respectfully disagree here. Once I learned that Castle co-authored the contemptible DISCLOSE ACT, I determined that if O'Donnel prevails in the primary, and loses, I would still rather have the Democrat in (it would be a one-to-one swap) than have a true enemy of the Tea Party in the Senate. As a see it, the Democratic Senator would merely ignore the movement -- whereas Castle will make that movement a big target.

That us my thinking. The good news is at least one of us will be happy with the Delaware results! Loser buys the winner a round at the next Beer Summit.

W.C. Varones said...


You're right. I need to issue a retraction. As weak a candidate as I think O'Donnell is, this is the year to THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: I think this piece will reinforce what we both now think about the Delaware race.


I will still get you a beer at the next Beer Summit! :)

Anonymous said...

"She's pro-life and that's good enough for me."

Says a supporter of pro-abort Jack Conway over his much more pro-life opponent.

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