Who says Democrats aren't fired up for November?

Leslie Eastman knows plenty of Democrats who have never been more enthusiastic about voting.
The establishment pundits say that the Democratic base is NOT enthusiastic about November. I say that they are wrong — in part. A good many Democrats are chomping at the bit to vote this November. These Dems WILL be voting for the COUNTRY CLASS CANDIDATE. I know, as I met several of them at the Sacramento Tea Party.

In almost 2-years of Tea Party activism, I have never over-heard fellow Democrats “outing” themselves at an event. They did so at the recent 9-12 Tea Parties. For example, at the Sacramento rally, five other registered Democrats came up to me (after over-hearing my party affiliation) and introduced themselves. The non-Dems who overheard these conversations were supportive and excited to discuss the upcoming election. The passion among my fellow Californians was infectious.

Click on over to Temple of Mut for much more, including Leslie's take on the Christine O'Donnell victory.

Other good links today:

The Liberator Today on the wisdom and the meaning of the O'Donnell victory.

And James Taranto, a lukewarm Castle supporter, on what happened: "To HELL with them!"
Oh well, at least Castle isn't a sore loser. As he was conceding last night, he congratulated O'Donnell, pledged his support, and promised to "do whatever I can to send my party's nominee to the Senate."

Haha, just kidding! Actually, the Wilmington News Journal reports that "Castle will not back Christine O'Donnell in her bid for U.S. Senate . . ., his campaign said this morning." My way or the highway, the "moderate" said. You can see why a Delaware GOP voter might say of his state party's establishment, "To HELL with them!" That's essentially what the establishment's senior figure is saying to the voters.

Michelle Obama wants to be Restaurant Menu Czar.

Ruling Class media stalwart Washington Post flip-flops on whether to post really unflattering picture of Christine O'Donnell on victory night. Stay classy, guys.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the Tea Party, because any organization that wraps itself in God and Flag should be taken out and shot. I don't like RINOs, they are frauds to the core. And I sure as hell don't like Sarah Palin, because she is hopelessly stupid.

All that being said, we have now reached the point where the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Obama and Rockamama are a disgrace. They were corrupt when they moved into the White House and have only gotten worse since then. About the only thing Obama will have improved by the time he leaves office is his golf game. Rockamama will have a fine collection of travel souvenirs, financed by the public. They must go.

There will be no Ross Perot split votes this time around.

W.C. Varones said...

Well said.

One small quibble: the Tea Party is not about God. It's about fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Come check one out. You'll dig it.

Dean said...

W.C., thanks for the link!

Anon, believers and non-believers alike... it's a big tent. Take W.C.'s advice. With your attitude, you will be welcome.

B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link as well. I'm feeling really good about the next election. Even if the Republicans don't achieve control of both Houses, Obama's agenda is already finished. Because he could barely cram through porkulus and Obamacare with huge majorities. Time to start undoing the damage.

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