Palomar Community College's "Benito" strikes again

We pointed out last week that someone at Palomar Community College is devoting an awful lot of time to spamming the Internet with racial rants against the Republicans.

Last night, the Pride of Palomar came to the WCV again with his copy-and-paste "Republicans hate Mexicans" drivel.

If there's anyone with any dignity at Palomar, you might want to have a chat with Benny and tell him to knock it off. He's not doing any favors for community college prestige. He'll be easy to find. He's the loner who hangs out in the computer lab all the time hitting copy-and-paste.

Your tax dollars at work -- either paying Benito's salary if he's a teacher (highly likely if you know anything about community college teachers), or giving him a free place to hang out and spam the Internet if he's a student.

1 comment:

T-Dub said...

I welcome Benny's comments. He is a poster child for Palomar College and the dumbing down of America. Sometimes we need people like Benny to illustrate what is broken. Nevermind his lack of logic, his grammar alone illustrates the abject failure of the community college system.

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