"Conservatives" insecure in their own sexuality run screaming from CPAC

... because gays and libertarians will be there.

This is just sad. DeMint is great on fiscal issues, but he's a girly man who's afraid to be in a room with gays or libertarians.

For Pete's sake, the senior Senator from DeMint's own state is a flaming homosexual!


The Lazy Paperboy said...

Denial is the price of admission in South Carolina politics, whether the question is "Where's the governor?" or "Who's your daddy?"

Mutnodjmet said...

W.C.: You some up in three stanzas my sentiment regarding DeMint's choice.

Here's a Haiku to get in the spirit of brevity

Jim DeMint Fears Gays
Runs Away Fast from CPAC
No tears flow from us

SarahB said...

Couldn't agree more. At least CPAC is standing by the attendees.

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