Gaia hates the 9th Circuit

Like the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan, the leftist hatemongers on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial cross must be destroyed, even if it's on private property, because of its religious symbolism.

What's next? Burning down California's historic Spanish missions?

Well, if you're a spiritual or religious person, God or Mother Nature smiled on protesters trying to save the cross today. It was an amazing warm, sunny day with spectacular panoramic views.

The Supreme Court still has a chance to save the historic cross, and San Diego's Congressional delegation is also working on legislative remedies.


SarahB said...

That was a GREAT way to spend a Saturday! Great to see you.

Dean said...

Sarah, indeed. Great seeing everybody there and getting together with the SLOBs afterwards.

Road Dawg said...

Great to meet you and see Sarah again. Sorry I missed the meeting of SLOB's, but maybe would have been bored with the SanDiego "inside politics".

Skeptical Deb said...

Where do I start?

First of all, the three judges who heard the arguments of the plaintiffs and the defendants are not hate-mongers. One is a war veteran critically wounded in WWII. Good people agree on the facts, but do not necessarily agree on the interpretation of the US Constitution.

Second, the cross is NOT on private property. It is on Federal Property that was taken from the City of San Diego through eminent domain by the Bush Administration (with the help of local politicians).

Third, no one is talking about burning down the missions. In fact, if you are secular-minded, you would probably petition to see them remain as a reminder of what happens to native peoples when Catholics decide to bring you their God.

I am hopeful that the issue goes to the Supreme Court. Although, with the current members, it could go either way!

W.C. Varones said...


First, the hate-monger line was just a little hyperbole, or "toxic rhetoric" as Paul Krugman would say. I threw it in there just for Paul.

Second, one of the remedies that the cross proponents tried was to transfer the cross to a private memorial association, which would have resolved the whole alleged church-state conflict. But the rabid anti-religious forces blocked that.

Third, so state sponsorship of a message about religion is OK to you as long as it's an anti-religious message? I think your true colors are starting to show.

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