Nanny state California

If the high taxes, horrible econoomy and crazy cost of living aren't bad enough, now we have government-mandated calorie counts on the menus.

Like I'm at Taco Bell because I'm on a diet?


beebs said...

Big Momma is looking out for you.

I won't let them take away my salt shaker.


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Put some mayonnaise on that.

Anonymous said...

Good report by The Daily Show on the SF Happy Meal Toy ban - http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-january-3-2011/san-francisco-s-happy-meal-ban

Best part starting at 3:00

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Free Plastic Bags for All Californians!!!

SarahB said...

I saw this for the first time yesterday and was so f-ing angry. As if I don't know fast food is calorie heavy. And with my dyslexia, reading these signs is even more of a nightmare than ever.

Although I was pleased to see that a box of 10 Chicken McNuggets is only 460 calories, far fewer than I suspected...trimming a little of my guilt as my two trim, fit kids split a box just for spite.

JenO said...

We have it here in NY and I love it...except for at the Cheesecake Factory...seriously, I don't want to know that I just ate a 3,000 calorie meal and still have the actual cheesecake to go yet...that's just not fair to do to a person.

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