Nanny state California

If the high taxes, horrible econoomy and crazy cost of living aren't bad enough, now we have government-mandated calorie counts on the menus.

Like I'm at Taco Bell because I'm on a diet?


beebs said…
Big Momma is looking out for you.

I won't let them take away my salt shaker.

Put some mayonnaise on that.
Anonymous said…
Good report by The Daily Show on the SF Happy Meal Toy ban -

Best part starting at 3:00
Free Plastic Bags for All Californians!!!
SarahB said…
I saw this for the first time yesterday and was so f-ing angry. As if I don't know fast food is calorie heavy. And with my dyslexia, reading these signs is even more of a nightmare than ever.

Although I was pleased to see that a box of 10 Chicken McNuggets is only 460 calories, far fewer than I suspected...trimming a little of my guilt as my two trim, fit kids split a box just for spite.
JenO said…
We have it here in NY and I love it...except for at the Cheesecake Factory...seriously, I don't want to know that I just ate a 3,000 calorie meal and still have the actual cheesecake to go yet...that's just not fair to do to a person.