Paul Krugman inspires Arizonan to action: James Eric Fuller

Shooting victim arrested for death threat against Tea Party leader.

Of course, the mainstream media's hatemongering campaign against conservatives had absolutely nothing to do with it.

UPDATE: Here's James Eric Fuller's profile on an online hypnosis community page where he exhibits mild symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome. "Non-physical disability" indeed!

He calls himself "thornking." This HuffPo user Thornking sounds like the same guy.
The HuffPo profile appears to have been scrubbed, but Google and Bing search still show this:
Navy veteran once stationed at Miramar NAS, (McCain's old hangars) numerous jobs in the corporate world and in govt.....

Thornking rants against Tea Partiers:
Let's kick these freak-out artists in the pants and send the Replunderc­an sociopaths back to their gated communitie­s with a black eye.

Violent rhetoric alert!


SarahB said...

These thought surfing head-cases seem to be drawn to one another!

RightKlik said...

non-drinker for one year.... i.e. alcoholic

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