Zimbabwe Ben was here

Zimbabwe Ben has a little something for everyone. For the elderly, it's skyrocketing food and utility bills and 0.5% interest on their savings.

For us working stiffs, it's $3.59 unleaded. But on the bright side, a lot of people don't need to commute any more anyway.

Thanks, Zimbabwe Ben!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget food. A common apple goes for 2.59 per pound.

Anonymous said...

It is about time the price of gas is finally going to be the equivalent to the rest of the world. Everyone should ride a bike.

wcv said...

Anon, not quite. The global competitive currency devaluation that Bernanke has kicked off is causing food and energy prices to rise everywhere.

Petrol in London hit 122 pence per liter last month. That's $7.40 a gallon!

Food riots are spreading across northern Africa as prices spiral out of control.

Food prices are skyrocketing even in agricultural land of plenty Laos.

Thank you, Zimbabwe Ben!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should ride a bike.

I work with a city planner that told me if gas got too expensive he would just ride his bike to work. I pointed out to him if gas got too expensive he wouldn't have a job to ride his bike to. This is a guy that has never heard of peak oil and has no idea what causes price inflation. Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to plan your future.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I should be able to drive my car if I want to, don't give me that "everyone should ride a bike" bullshit.

Because if we all ride bikes, bike tires will go for $700 a pop by the time this asshat is done imploding the dollar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Junior Deputy Accountant-

Feel free to ride your car as much as you want, just pay the price!

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I'm fortunate to work from home. So it's all pleasure-cruising. And, you know, heading into the District to give Bernanke the evil eye on my day off.

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