Greenspan's Body Count: Angela Singleton

Kentucky.com has the tragic tale of Jason Edward Singleton and Angela Singleton of Richmond, Kentucky:
In a news release Friday night, state police said Singleton had been charged with murder in the death of Angela Singleton, 25.


He had a job that paid more than six figures annually, but he owes creditors thousands of dollars, and his house is in foreclosure.


BAC Home Loans Servicing sued in August for $137,668.52 owed on a mortgage on the Forest Hill Drive house. The company seeks foreclosure and wants the house to be sold.

LVNV Funding LLC, a collection agency, sued Singleton in September for $28,127.43 that he had not paid to Credit One Financial Solutions.

Finally, FIA Card Services N.A. sued Singleton for $9,344.92. The court file in this case contained four summonses notifying him about the litigation; the latest was dated Jan. 11, 2011.

State police and Madison Court records said Singleton is employed by Affiliated Computer Services Inc. in Lexington. On records in Somerset, Singleton listed his monthly income as $9,500. He listed the balance of his bank account as $30.

He listed one dependent child, age 10, and said he pays $763 a month in support, according to Somerset records. During his arraignment Friday, Singleton first said he planned to hire an attorney but then asked about having one appointed for him at public expense.

He told the judge he owns a home but it is in foreclosure and he owes more on the property than it is worth.

Zillow doesn't cover the house, and Kentucky hasn't got Redfin yet. But that's a nice looking house in the Kentucky.com photo, and similar neighboring houses are listed in the mid-to-high-$100's. So to be underwater on the house, Jason Singleton likely had a second mortgage in addition to the $137K Countryfried loan. "Credit One Financial Solutions" appears to be a credit card debt consolidator, and FIA Card Services is an ordinary credit card issuer. Good luck collecting now, you leeches!

Amazing how a guy can earn six figures in a very low cost-of-living area and still find a way to get into debt trouble. Thanks, Alan Greenspan!

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 152.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you thanking Greenspan for this? This isn't political you idiot. Jason had drug problems... expensive ones. He made plenty of money to pay his bills, if he had kept his priorities straight. Not every story you're quoting fits your political agenda. Stop twisting them.

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