Facebook Revolution?

KFOG's Peter Finch opened the news this morning with:
"Could the next Facebook revolution be brewing in Iran"

Because without Facebook, and Twitter, these people would never have noticed they are starving.

Kind of ironic really that Bernankestein is inflating the cost of everything worthwhile while we play Farmville on Facebook. I mean "I just thought hey, who wouldn't want to run their own farmmmmmm.".

Anyway thanks Facebook, without you revolution wouldn't happen.

UPDATE: I've just been smacked down regarding this post and would like to present the point that doth smacked. That is that the average age of these countries with political unrest situations is around 20. Kids really, those who generally take to technology quickly. And the freest medium to communicate today is Facebook. The Smacker likened Facebook to the colonial presses in the US.

So while my distaste for Facebook being the outlet to tell the world which toilet paper you purchased on any given day remains, I had not considered its communicative potential to express real ideas and organize revolt and will reevaluate it's usefulness in situations like Egypt, Iran, and Yemen.

~ the Smackee

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