United Forensic College scam

The housing bubble attracted opportunistic, sleazy lenders and mortgage brokers with government-backed easy money.

Likewise, now the higher education bubble is attracting opportunistic, sleazy schools and education brokers.

Last May, we pointed out that Drake College of business was rounding up homeless people to enroll as students to get the federal funds.

Now the federal money is flowing so easy that scammers are setting up web sites to generate referral fees from schools, and posting spam comments all over the Internet to drive traffic to their scam web sites.

Someone recently posted seven different comments on seven different Patch articles under the name "delawoods." All seek to get people to Google "United Forensic College."
Over the next decade, the United States is facing a potential shortage of criminal justice and security professionals, Search for "United Forensic College"

Let me say that the "United Forensic College" is the friendliest, most helpful and accessible college out there right now. The Criminal Justice curriculum isn’t going to overwhelm you.

The spammer using the same name and still trying to drive traffic to "United Forensic College" also appears at the Ventura County Star and Chattanooga Times Free Press and Chicago Now and Youngstown, Ohio's Vindy.com.

But United Forensic College isn't a college. It's a cheap-looking web site (DON'T GO THERE -- I got malware on my computer after visiting it), whose goal appears to be to generate leads and referral fees from schools who want to part suckers from their federal student loan money.

I have no doubt that delawoods is just one of thousands of education brokers out there trying to make a buck by referring naive, federally-funded students to bad, overpriced schools.

Government cheese: it makes the economy go 'round! Too bad the victims won't ever be able to go bankrupt on the student loans.

UPDATE: E-mail spammers are getting in on the action. Trade schools and phony bachelor's programs are hotter than porn, Viagra, and Nigerian bank accounts now. I just received the following e-mail:
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Anonymous said...

I saw the same post you're describing today. It was posted by kleinberry. In the comments here: http://www.modbee.com/2011/02/09/1550128/memorial-planned-for-juliani.html

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