What panic smells like

Think your money is really your money in this crumbling empire? Try carrying it out of the country.


wcv said...

Ha! Zeke's a Freeman!

For future travels, I recommend gold up the ass. Dogs can't smell gold and what good are Zimbabwe Ben notes going to be anyway? You might as well hoard toilet paper overseas.

Negocios Loucos said...

Won't the nudie scanners see the gold though? Then you'll be escorted to a private room for some serious TSA penetration. Yikes!

wcv said...

No, current nudie scanners only see the surface of your skin...

which is why they are completely worthless as well as intrusive. Any bomber can just put stuff up his ass an they can't see it.

Quotations from Chairman Varones

 Inflation is progressive utopians encountering resource constraints for the first time.