Paul Krugman: "Bernanke has blood on his hands"

That's a direct quote, though deliberately misleading in the style of the New York Times' yellow journalism.
If you are familiar with the Times's swindle, you will recognize its method of supplying a brief out-of-context quote, and you will suspect that the quote in context is actually far less invidious than the Times's description would lead you to believe. You will be right.
The Krugman quote in context is "The usual suspects will, of course, go wild over suggestions that global warming has something to do with the food crisis; those who insist that Ben Bernanke has blood on his hands tend to be more or less the same people who insist that the scientific consensus on climate reflects a vast leftist conspiracy."

That's right. Krugman insists that Ben Bernanke's printing presses have absolutely nothing to do with rising food prices. It's all because of Al Gore flying around on his private jet.

I guess global warming must be hurting the silver harvest this year, too.

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Negocios Loucos said...

It's funny that I thought there wasn't a consensus on global warming and correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't the "leading" scientists in the discipline just get caught manipulating their data because the earth is actually cooling? I'm positive that there's a consensus among those that agree with the theory though.

Krugman should only be listened to to understand what the Ministry of Truth would like you to think. Otherwise he's proven time and again that he's a fraud, an idiot, and likely insane.

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