Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

I can't put it any better than Tyler Durden does:
An important advance indicator of leading conservative frontrunners for the presidency was won by Criminal Reserve archnemesis Ron Paul. [...] Now since the mere prospect of "President Paul" sends shivers of mortal terror down the spine of every self-respecting member of the criminal Wall Street syndicate, does this mean that in order to guarantee 4 more years of Teleprompting, JPM and GS will send the Russell to 36,000,000, the unemployment rate to -15%, and the labor participation rate to -100%, just to make sure that the peasantry is content enough and chooses 4 more years of unmitigated dollar debasement and what is rapidly becoming a weekly iPad cadence? With the popularity of American Idol plunging to record lows, the mission to brainwash America for 4 more years may be just that more difficult. Add 15% inflation and the vassals may actually stir for once.

Romney second, then Chris Christie and libertarian ex-gov of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Sarah Palin was dead last, behind even batty Michele Bachmann.


Shane Atwell said...

Much as I like Paul on fiscal issues, he'd be a disaster for foreign policy. Not that I know of anyone better atm. Glad to see Palin last. She'd probably end up regurgitating all the Bush jr. disasters.

W.C. Varones said...

Wow, that surprises me, Shane.

I would have thought you'd be a Paulian anti-interventionist.

Shane Atwell said...

Nope, I'm definitely pro-self-defense. Islam is a major threat, Hamas is not legitimate (as Paul thinks), Isreal deserves support as the only legitimate govt in the region and Iran needs to be dealt with. I'm against our neocon policy of altruistic military missions, but i'm not for withdrawing from the world entirely or leaving the threat of islam unchecked.

Mutnodjmet said...

We are a complex group of people. I am looking forward to chatting about the results of CPAC with you all at the Beer Summit. Perhaps we can have our own "straw poll".


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