Rand Paul on compromise

Rand Paul's debut speech in the Senate. It's a good one:

And see my new favorite Senator discussing his budget proposals here on CNN and here with Neil Cavuto.


SarahB said...

Great speech, and I generally think I like how he is going to vote on issues, but he is out to co-opt the tea party...his new book is supposed to outline THE platform for us. And don't get me started on the Caucus. Why do the good ones' have to be a-holes too?

W.C. Varones said...

I don't really mind politicians trying to align themselves with the Tea Party. I think it's a compliment. I think the public is aware that the Tea Party is a true leaderless grassroots movement, and no politician speaks for all Tea Party members.

And Rand Paul is a real Tea Party candidate -- he came from nowhere and knocked off Mitch McConnell's RINO establishment candidate. And, like the Tea Party, he is all about fiscal issues and spending cuts. He was Tea Party before Tea Party was cool.

I'll buy his book and take it as one voice of many in the Tea Party.

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