Beware Keynesian Witchcraft

I am astonished and appalled by this front that has developed in the MSM claiming that the Japan earthquake might be a good thing for the economy. Just the kick start we need to get going because all those people who lost everything, including their family members, will need to replenish. As if all it takes is the need to spend to make economies strong.

And you do realize the ultimate Keynesian level of hell right? First you print, print, print and when that doesn't work, you print some more, OR look for another way to get people to spend. Hmmmmmm, how do we get people to buy things? I KNOW, DESTROY WHAT THEY HAVE! This earthquake was a glimpse into the black heart that is the Keynesian and it's showing us that these folks are probably willing to do anything to get that Keynesian kick start. The death of lives, well as long as it's not worse than the impact on the economy right Larry Kudlow?

Zerohedge posted a far more eloquent rebuke on the topic by Sean Corrigan:
...But, even were we to subscribe to this myth of secular slump, the idea that to eradicate a large quantum of people's possessions or to evaporate a sizeable fraction of their nest-eggs would be to contribute to their prosperity is to reckon that in futilely striving to heft his rock up the hill for all eternity, Sisyphus was the most tireless 'engine of growth' for Hades at large.

If you go to the trouble of cooking yourself a dinner, only for the dog to snatch it from the sill where you placed it to cool, do you congratulate yourself on your own good fortune as you troop back to the larder to begin again? If a sudden hailstorm strips bare the groaning ears of your wheat crop the day before you were due to harvest it, do you cheerily go about preparing the field for replanting, content in the knowledge that your doubled labour is being duly recorded in the plus column by a mindless government data-gatherer?

After all, if the awful spectacle of vast swathes of land littered with shattered buildings and crumpled vehicles—or the concern that they suffer the invisible hazards of radioactive contamination—offers such grand opportunities for advancement, why stop there?

Why wait for the vagaries of the climate, or the tortured creaking of continental plates to bring about such a 'stimulus' to growth? Why not declare war on ourselves and unleash our titanic arsenals of destruction on our own towns and cities, and rain down hellfire upon our own farms and gardens, razing the first to the ground and sowing the last with salt, until we make a self-inflicted Carthage of them, one in whose midst we can hope to become rapidly richer than our neighbours as, shivering and starving, we pick our way among the debris of our former civilisation to the nearest construction site?

This is all such arrant nonsense that you should banish from your consideration, henceforth and forever, all of the jejune scribblings of the fool whom you once catch propounding it!

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Shane Atwell said...

amen brother. They'll drag us into war next because nothing says destruction and employment like war.

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