The Crazy Honey Badger


Anonymous said...

I <3 IT!!!! Mind over matter - if you don't mind, then it won't matter. That is one BAD ASS little fucker - talk about not taking any shit from anyone!!!!

Note to self - if ever come across honey badger - point self in opposite direction and do "elbows and asshole" until have a safe distance between self and honey badger.

Anonymous said...

"One night we saw a young male collapse. He'd been struck in the face by a puff adder just before he bit its head off. We expected that he would die. But after two hours he woke up, groggily finished his meal, and later trotted off into the sunrise. We witnessed other encounters in which honey badgers appeared resistant to even the most potent venoms, though we don't yet understand the physiology that protects them."


The Political Palaver said...


Funny little read on this crazy-ass animal.

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