Insiders got advance word on ObamaCare ruling

At 9:51 am EDT, a Wall Street brokerage firm sent out the message "health care stocks trading like the law will be upheld."

In the rigged stock market of America's centrally planned economy, those with access to the central planners have an advantage. If you're looking around the stock market and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you.

Expect an SEC investigation in about... never.


Kevin T. Keith said...

Uh . . . not really seeing it.

There's a huge downward spike at about 10:08, followed by an immediate upward spike, and then generally higher prices.

This is consistent with the initial wrong report by major news networks, followed by correct info from better sources like SCOTUSblog at around 10:10. It looks to me like this tracks closely with the release of information on public sources yesterday morning, but does not precede it.

W.C. Varones said...

No, look at the area in the circle before the spike.

ObamaCare beneficiary stocks were trading up all morning while stocks in general (and ObamaCare losers) were down all morning.

bamboo investments said...

Nothing about Wall Street or DC surprises me anymore. Makes me want to puke.

Happy Super Tuesday!