What to expect when you're expecting... an election

I meant to write a big post on this today but ran out of time. Check out the Liberator Today for thoughts on the meaning of tomorrow's election.

What I'm watching: Wisconsin, obviously. The second most important election this year. The polls are looking good for Gov. Walker to defeat the union machine. Let's hope they are right and he wins convincingly.

Locally in San Diego, Props A and B should win; it would be a huge financial and governmental setback if either failed.

For mayor, reformer Carl DeMaio will be in a runoff with either dinosaur Washington Democrat Bob Filner, or sleazy egomaniacal opportunist Nathan Fletcher. I'm rooting hard for the dinosaur. Soft-on-corruption DA Bonnie Dumanis is a distant fourth, and good riddance to her.

For County Supervisor, GOP frat boy Steve Danon is up against moderate Democrat Dave Roberts and HJTA conservative Carl Hilliard. I'd be happy with either Roberts or Hilliard, so would love to see Danon knocked out of the runoff. Not likely to happen, unfortunately, as the GOP good-ol-boy network is strong in San Diego.

Get out there and vote tomorrow! Check out my Tea Party Voters Guide if you have any questions.

UPDATE: A few other races I'm following: Schwarzenegger tax hike traitors Abel Maldonado and Anthony Adams in Calfornia Congressional Districts 24 and 8. Maldonado will probably get into the runoff and lose the general to Congresswoman Lois Capps in the Democratic district. Fat bastard Anthony Adams is running as an independent against numerous Republicans and two Democrats. I would love to see him blown out.

Finally, the Fullerton council recall of the council who covered up the police beating murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas. I think those guys are toast.

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