Big turnout at San Diego Tea Party

This picture doesn't do it justice. The crowd is so thick I can't see the speakers or get to most of the booths. It's shoulder-to-shoulder all the way from the harbor to the street, more packed than I remember other Tea Parties here.

This is way more than I expected given the morning downpour. And despite threats of further drenching, the sun came out right as the party started.

Hundreds of Tea Partiers in good spirits, and across the street 30 or so counter-protesters. Ironically, many of the counter-protesters had signs protesting Obama policies like the war in Afghanistan.


SarahB said...

Thank you for the great coverage and picture. I never escaped the booth to see the real turn-out. I'm still in shock over the turn-out with the weather. We almost had to cancel about 9:30 due to high winds. We couldn't set anything out ahead of time it was so wet, so it was WAY less organized than we like. But when folks turn-out like that expecting rain, it is a beautiful thing. Hand's down my favorite tea party to date (even being a bad hair day!)

Sarah Bond
So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition

W.C. Varones said...

And the crowd was so thick I never even saw you, Sarah, or Dawn or Leslie or Roger Hedgecock. Only celebrity sighting was Larry Naritelli, candidate for governor.

Doo Doo Econ said...

The event was great!

I was so busy talking to people that I forgot to hand out some tshirts, but Sarah's new 2010 tshirts are terrific!

archie's basement said...

Splendid Party indeed! It was an honor to entertain the patriots on the bay with my saxophone! Next time we'll have the whole band, weather permitting.
Kudos to Dawn and Sarah--you rock!!

archie thompson

archie's basement

Dean said...


Unknown said...

I was there and I have about 5 pics i could share how do i do that?


B-Daddy said...

The protesters who were endorsing single payer and universal health care identified themselves as socialists. I need to thank them for making our point.

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