3000% ? Really? Has Obama double checked his math?

Which is worse? Obama's lying powers hitting hyper-drive in this first clip?

Or The Democrats' shameless use of children (though every one of us surely sympathizes with this young, brave boy Marcelas) and the best faux-somber tones a trial-lawyer can muster in this clip?


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

LMAO he ACTUALLY said that, I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen the video.

If my previous employer's premium fell by 3000%, the insurance company would be PAYING HIM $4500 a month for my policy! THIS OBAMACARE SHIT IS AMAZING OMG!!!! Why haven't we signed this into law already?!?!?

This man desperately needs a mathlete on his speechwriting team. Seriously.

JenO said...

My guess is he meant $3,000. A report from the Business Roundtable says that a government plan would reduce the costs of healthcare on small business by $3,000 per person.

His telepromter must have been on the fritz.


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