Weimar Janet

... will be Obama's choice for Fed Vice Chair.

She's about the most dovish (i.e. inflation-loving) choice he could have made. Got gold?


FrackWit said...

Dammit Janet Yellen has no business in the job she's in as it is, let alone in any position of authority there. You can't trust the judgment of someone who believes the only good time to raise rates is the twelfth of never. Free money for her big banker buddies forever, regardless of what it does to the rest of us, is her sole motto.

Bubble Ben is bad, but Dammit Janet is tons worse.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Let's try that again:


Anonymous said...

Obama Doug Flutie style Hail Mary pass going for jobs at the risk of inflation - unemployed people tend to stop paying their debts, go bankrupt, put pressure on the social safety net, and then vote against incumbents (unless the incumbents will agree to giving them more and greater social benefits). But wait, I forgot that the Fed isn't influenced by politics so out the window with that tin foil hat theory. Sorry, just doing some idiotic musing again.


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

What I find EXTRA hilarious about Janet's appointment is that some have actually said she will balance the inflation hawks. BALANCE! JANET FREAKING YELLEN!!!

Hit the deck and here's to hoping you are now fully out of the dollar as any hope it may have had died the minute Obama's crack team of economic geniuses decided THIS was a good idea...

Happy Super Tuesday!