Women are the face of the Tea Party

So says Politico about Tea Parties nationwide, and it's certainly true of our local San Diego Tea Party, led by the lovely and gracious Sarah Bond, Dawn Wildman, and Leslie Eastman.


B-Daddy said...

So true. They have been very effective.

Anonymous said...

The head is ever the dupe of the heart.
- Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

This is what causes social shifts to occur.

My comment: what the hell took you so long, ladies?


Dean said...

Not to go beta male here or anything but generally speaking, I think the Tea Party movement is better served with women in the leadership roles.

With so much passion and energy within this movement, I think female pragmatism (if it works, fine - if not, then get rid of it) serves it better than the ideological blinders us dudes get from time to time.

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