Crucified by the GOOG: "Sorry, your account has been disabled."

Imagine my surprise when I tried to log in to Blogger this morning and saw this:

With no explanation, Google/Blogger disabled my account. I don't know whether it was a mistake or whether one of those Google leftists didn't like something I wrote. I've tried to contact Google Help several times today, with no response. My account is still shut down, and I'm posting this from a temporary new account I've created.

If I can't get this resolved, I may switch over to WordPress permanently. That might be a good idea anyway.

UPDATE 3/19: Fixed without explanation or apology. And now all the comments that I have posted using my Google/Blogger account over the years on this blog and others have disappeared.


Sic Ibid said...

It must have been my brilliantly devastating analysis, exposing the political left and the corruption and destructive policies at its core. That's probably why Google Statists felt the need to shut down W.C. That, or it was a "Net Neutrality" test-run.

Ang said...

Very weird. And good luck trying to get hold of a real person at google. It was easier back before they became this huge monstrosity (yes, this from a person who uses gmail, but that is exactly how I know).

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I threatened to move to Wordpress on Twitter, the @Bloggerazis were on me in minutes, try that.

Dstarr said...

That happened to me too. They claimed it was some kinda software glitch (don't blame me, blame the computer). They fixed it. I'm still on Blogspot, but it does make you wonder.

reddog said...

I hear Google is leaving China. Are you Chinese?

It's not because you are subversive or inappropriate because They always leave me alone. You have actual readers though, that probably makes a difference.

Independent Accountant said...

This happened to me a few months ago for about five or six hours, then fixed itself. Google is a pain in the ass. You can never talk to someone there to get a problem resolved.

Happy Super Tuesday!