Live From San Francisco: Total Fiscal Meltdown

Don't believe what you read in the papers, kids. How about an eye-witness report instead?

The San Francisco/California/US Budget Crisis: SFMTA Edition

I promise you this: I was there just hours ago. San Francisco MTA does not have the money to maintain our public transit and parking systems - and admits as much - but will try to pull the financial rabbit out of their hats anyway. Their sleazy overpaid CFO made a 5 minute appearance to the town hall and snuck out moments before actual San Franciscans made their opinions known.

I saw what you did there, Nat Ford. No, like, actually saw it. In the room. Snuck right out the side door to the 2nd floor atrium. I am sketchy and even I don't pull stunts like that.

Their media guy is quitting but forced himself through the handbook tonight anyway. That's one ulcer he can check off his list, good for him.

As for SFMTA and San Francisco's deepening budget problem? I'd rather not talk about it.*

*hint to the looters of San Francisco - you know who you are - remember what happened to Bernie Madoff? The cockroaches of this city have no place left to scatter now that the money has run out. Not even the side door of 2nd floor atriums.

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