Angelo Mozilo indictment coming?

The orange midget we all think of
I hope he gets some prison love
- Touch of Black

Will we get our wish? Rep. Darrell Issa thinks so (skip to 04:30):

HT: Denninger

More here.


Anonymous said...

can you spot the young Mozilo?

John Enright said...

I know you've been waiting for this!

Unknown said...

It is good to occasionally see a corporate CEO who engaged in fraud, finally held accountable. That happens far too infrequently in America. The meltdown of our economy can be traced directly to corporate wrongdoing, and unfortunately was blessed or at least ignored by the government, and ignored for sure by mainstream media when it was going on. Consumer groups were trying to get something done about this kind of thing years before. HADD.com and HOBB.org are just two groups concerned with building industry fraud; there are many groups who tried to fight this and the whole darn economy had to tank before it was really in the news. The financial influence that corporations have over govt and media has to be stopped or we will be a third world country due to these CEO’s greed. http://www.akbhomesucks.com

Anonymous said...

I bet that tan will fade away in prison.

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