Build-time with Charlie

Varones is pleased to present "Charlie's steps for a successful and fun poker table build."

1. Failing to plan is planning to fail, my high school baseball coach liked to say. He must have planned to lose 19 of 20 that year.

2. Forget your broken patio furniture. Focus on the here and now.

3. Don't forget your aviation headset. Bogey, six o'clock low.

4. Clamps are an invaluable aid to the woodworker. Try them on your nipples.

5. This is taking shape like a Bob Ross painting.

6. Take your friends to the fabric store to pick some colors. Oh, did I forget my wallet?

7. Glue is twice the fun with the garage door closed.

8. Let cool, serve with beer.


Sick Spack said...

Nice work. What ever happened to your tables from NM?

Scott said...

What, no auto-shuffler?

sheff said...

Fantastic work, maybe you can make a table for WC...

Anonymous said...

One of the NM tables went to work in a cardroom in Amarillo; the other met an inglorious fate involving a dump truck when the house sold.

Auto-shuffler? We make up for that with no rake box.

Carl Siechert said...

Looks like a good morning project. What did you do in the afternoon?

And is that a putting green in the back yard?

Zeke said...

Inspired by Mesita Road, the course features undulating flatness and the sort of ingenious design one might only get from Jack Nicklaus or Bernardo the landscaper.

Come, explore the magic.

RT Pro-America said...

Looks nice, but I too am more interested in the putting green. Tell me more, like how come you didn't have that in when I came to visit a couple years ago?

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