The Jesus Christ Show

Happy Easter to our Christian friends.

And to Christians and non-Christians alike, I commend The Jesus Christ Show, an amazing radio program. You can listen live on the Internet 6-9 AM Sundays, or listen to the archives any time.

The show is done with the host portraying Jesus in the first person. You'd think that could be pretty offensive to Christians, but it's done extremely respectfully and sensitively. The host has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible and theology, and takes calls in addition to having a sermon-like topic of discussion each week. The host's true identity is a mystery, but it's a safe bet he studied in seminary and decided to have a virtual congregation instead of a physical one.

I think even you atheists might find yourselves enlightened and uplifted if you give it a chance.

Ha! Betcha didn't see that one coming from the rude, cynical, and loathsome W.C. Varones!

UPDATE: OK, not a mystery. Independent Accountant points out that the host is long-time KFI producer Neil Saavedra. More on Saavedra here.

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Independent Accountant said...

When I lived in Los Angeles I listened to this show every Sunday. It's a wonderful show. Neal Sevedra is a fine host.


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