A message from Sarah Bond

... co-founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition:

90% of Tea Party organizers are women because this movement is clearly a sexist attempt to put females back in the kitchen where we belong. And a rainbow of speakers of all ethnicities who have graced the Tea Party stage nationwide are, what...a statement of white power? And all those mothers who showed up with strollers and babies (myself included) to our last protest in San Diego on March 20th...clearly a frightening show of potential violence.

Absurd. All of it. We all know the false accusations of racism, hate and violence are a transparent attempt at shutting down our efforts as activists.

But here’s the thing...every time the left and the media tries this, it only swells our numbers. Remember the DHS report? Best recruitment tool we’ve ever had. As good, law abiding, taxpaying Americans we are offended at these accusation...and we will NOT be cowed by them.

As for violence and hate...there are PLENTY of examples from the from the left which we have listed here at our website:


Please take the time to look over these examples and use them when confronted by the ugly slander that is being thrown our way.

April 15th is only a couple weeks away...it is our opportunity to show the entire WORLD that we celebrate non-violent assembly...and that we are not afraid to be visible with our principles, opinions, issues, and patriotism.

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SarahB said...

Thanks for spreading the word!

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